5 Tips For Your Child’s First Day at Child care


The day you leave your little one at childcare for the first time can be a nerve wracking one for parents.  Here are some tips from a Guildford family for your child’s first day at childcare to ease the transition.

1. Preparations before the big day

Using an online directory such as Myxplor helped Alex find a Guildford childcare centre that suited her and her husband James’ requirements. She was able to visit the centre with her youngest child Charlotte, before settling her in. Charlotte was already familiar with the carers and had made a couple of friends before her first day.

2. Special items

Alex took Charlotte shopping before the big day and let her choose a special bag, a new sunhat and a drink bottle to take with her for her first day.  Charlotte was so excited about using her new items, it took her mind off the fact that she would be without her parents for the first time.

3. Make sure the first morning is stress free

Alex and James made sure they had breakfast prepared the night before, all the family’s clothes washed (and ironed) and bags packed.  Without the mad rush to organise meals and clothes, they could get Charlotte ready for her first day in a relatively calm manner and arrive at childcare with time to settle her in and say goodbye properly.  It was important for them to let Charlotte know they were leaving and not just sneak off, so she didn’t get a fright when she realised they were gone.

4. Keep communication channels open.

James and Alex both uploaded the app the childcare used for seamless communication with the centre.  Charlottes assigned carer, Tanya, sent them photos throughout the day so they were reassured that she was partaking in activities and was happy and cared for.  Guildford childcare centres all have their own methods of communication, so discuss this with your chosen centre.

5. Give yourself time at drop off and pick up.

Alex and James arranged between themselves to share drop off and collecting Charlotte, organising their time so that they could talk to Tanya about their daughter’s day. Knowing how she had spent her time, what activities and games she had enjoyed and who she had played with helped to create a seamless transition between home and centre for Charlotte.

Bonus tip: Keep smiling

Both Alex and James kept a positive attitude so Charlotte wouldn’t pick up on any nervousness they might have.

“Taking the time to prepare and listening to other parents’ tips helped us enormously with Charlotte’s first day in childcare,” Alex said.  “The Guildford childcare centre we chose is fantastic and has made a huge difference to our family.

Alex’s tips

  1. Take time to choose the right childcare centre
  2. Visit the centre with your child before the first day
  3. Purchase a new bag and hat specially for childcare
  4. Prepare clothes and meals the night before and give yourself time.
  5. Keep positive